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ISBN Book Title Author/Editor © Year
  "Teddy" expedition among the ice floes of Greenland, The. Dahl, Kai R.; Colbron, Grace Isabel (Trans) 1925
1433827913 25 years of the american psychological association Pickren PhD, Wade E (Ed);Rutherford PhD, Alexandra (Ed)
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  Abnormal personality: A textbook, The. White, Robert W. 1948
  Abnormal psychology. Coriat, Isador H. 1911
  Abnormal psychology: "When the other-one astonishes us" Meyer, Max F. 1927
  Abnormal psychology: A clinical approach to psychological deviants. Page, James D. 1947
  Abnormal psychology: Its concepts and theories. Hollingworth, H. L. 1930
  About ourselves: A survey of human nature from the zoological viewpoint. Needham, James G.; Sargent, William D. (Illus) 1941
  Abridgment of Mental philosophy, including the three departments of the intellect, sensibilities, and will: Designed as a text-book for academies and high schools. Upham, Thomas C. 1884
  Abstract of a course of lectures on mental & moral philosophy. Mahan, Asa 1840
1-55798-229-5 Abused women and survivor therapy: A practical guide for the psychotherapist. Walker, Lenore E. A. 1994
  Accident prevention: The role of physicians and public health workers. Halsey, Maxwell N. (Ed) 1961
1-55798-920-6 Acculturation: Advances in theory, measurement, and applied research. Chun, Kevin M. (Ed); Balls Organista, Pamela (Ed); Marín, Gerardo (Ed) 2003
  Achievement motive, The. McClelland, David C.; Atkinson, John W.; Clark, Russell A.; Lowell, Edgar L. 1953
  Achieving society, The. McClelland, David C. 1961
  Acquaintance process, The. Newcomb, Theodore M. 1961
  Acquisition of word meanings: A developmental study, The. Werner, Heinz; Kaplan, Edith 1952
1-55798-880-3 Acting out: Maladaptive behavior in confinement. Toch, Hans; Adams, Kenneth 2002
  Action for mental health: Final report of the Joint Commission on Mental Illness and Health 1961. Joint Commission on Mental Illness and Health, Boston, MA, US 1961
1-4338-0435-2 Action learning for developing leaders and organizations: Principles, strategies, and cases. Marquardt, Michael J.; Leonard, H. Skipton; Freedman, Arthur M.; Hill, Claudia C. 2009
1-59147-012-9 Action therapy with families and groups: Using creative arts improvisation in clinical practice. Wiener, Daniel J. (Ed); Oxford, Linda K. (Ed) 2003
1-4338-1237-1 Activities for Teaching Positive Psychology: A Guide for Instructors 2013
9781433828898 Activities for Teaching Psychology and Law Zelechoski, Amanda D; Wolbransky, Melinda; Riggs Romaine, Christina L
143382714X Activities for teaching statistics and research methods: A guide for psychology instructors Stowell, Jeffrey R (Ed);Addison, William E (Ed)
  Activity concept: An interpretation, The. Mossman, Lois Coffey 1940
1-55798-612-6 Acute stress disorder: A handbook of theory, assessment, and treatment. Bryant, Richard A.; Harvey, Allison G. 2000
1-55798-710-6 Adaptation to changing health: Response shift in quality-of-life research. Schwartz, Carolyn E. (Ed); Sprangers, Mirjam A. G. (Ed) 2000
1-55798-327-5 Adaptation to chronic childhood illness. Thompson, Robert Joseph Jr.; Gustafson, Kathryn E. 1996
1-4338-0402-6 Addictive behaviors: New readings on etiology, prevention, and treatment. Marlatt, G. Alan (Ed); Witkiewitz, Katie (Ed) 2009
1-55798-468-9 Addictive behaviors: Readings on etiology, prevention, and treatment. Marlatt, G. Alan (Ed); VandenBos, Gary R. (Ed) 1997
  Adding a new dimension to education. Williams, Cora L. 1928
  Addresses on psycho-analysis. Putnam, J. J. 1921 (Reprinted 1951)
1-55798-768-8 Addressing cultural complexities in practice: A framework for clinicians and counselors. Hays, Pamela A. 2001
1-4338-0219-8 Addressing cultural complexities in practice: Assessment, diagnosis, and therapy (2nd ed.). Hays, Pamela A. 2008
1-4338-2144-3 Addressing Cultural Complexities in Practice: Assessment, Diagnosis, and Therapy, 3rd Edition Hays, Pamela 2016
1-4338-2014-5 ADHD Coaching: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals Prevatt, Frances 2015
  Adjustment and mastery: Problems in psychology. Woodworth, Robert S. 1933
  Adjustment and personality. Lazarus, Richard S. 1961
  Adjustment to physical handicap and illness: A survey of the social psychology of physique and disability. Barker, Roger G.; Wright, Beatrice A.; Gonick, Mollie R. 1946
1433826593 Adlerian psychotherapy Carlson, Jon;Englar-Carlson, Matt
1-59147-285-7 Adlerian therapy: Theory and practice. Carlson, Jon; Watts, Richard E.; Maniacci, Michael 2006
  Adolescence its psychology and its relations to physiology, anthropology, sociology sex, crime, religion and education, Vol. I. Hall, G. Stanley 1904
  Adolescence its psychology and its relations to physiology, anthropology, sociology sex, crime, religion and education, Vol. II. Hall, G. Stanley 1904
  Adolescence: It's psychology and its relations to physiology, anthropology, sociology, sex, crime, religion and education, Vol. II. Hall, G. Stanley 1904
  Adolescence: Its psychology and its relations to physiology, anthropology, sociology, sex, crime, religion, and education, Vol. 1. Hall, G. Stanley 1904
0-87304-019-8 Adolescent and his world, The. Josselyn, Irene M. 1952
1-4338-1070-0 Adolescent brain: Learning, reasoning, and decision making, The. Reyna, Valerie F. (Ed); Chapman, Sandra B. (Ed); Dougherty, Michael R. (Ed); Confrey, Jere (Ed) 2012
  Adolescent development and adjustment. Crow, Lester D.; Crow, Alice 1956
  Adolescent girl: A book for parents and teachers, The. Richmond, Winifred 1935
  Adolescent in your family, The. Faegre, Marion L. 1955
  Adolescent psychology. Arlitt, Ada Hart 1933
1-59147-193-1 Adolescent suicide: Assessment and intervention (2nd ed.). Berman, Alan L.; Jobes, David A.; Silverman, Morton M. 2006
1-55798-107-8 Adolescent suicide: Assessment and intervention. Berman, Alan L.; Jobes, David A. 1991
  Adolescent views himself: A psychology of adolescence, The. Strang, Ruth 1957
  Adolescent, The. Arlitt, Ada Hart 1938
  Adolescent: A book of readings, The. Seidman, Jerome M. (Ed) 1953
1-55798-609-6 Adolescents, sex, and the law: Preparing adolescents for responsible citizenship. Levesque, Roger J. R. 2000
1-4338-1053-0 Adolescents: Is becoming American a developmental risk? 2012
  Adoption practice: Case work with parent, child and foster parent. 1941
9781433829246 Adoption-Specific Therapy Waterman, Jill; Langley, Audra K; Miranda, Jeanne; Riley, Debbie B
  Adult interests. Thorndike, Edward L. 1935
1-55798-061-6 Adult years: Continuity and change, The. Storandt, Martha (Ed); VandenBos, Gary R. (Ed) 1989
1-4338-0695-9 Advanced methods for conducting online behavioral research. Gosling, Samuel D. (Ed); Johnson, John A. (Ed) 2010
  Advancement of learning and novum organum (rev. ed.). Bacon, Francis 1944
1-59147-784-0 Advances in clinical cognitive science: Formal modeling of processes and symptoms. Neufeld, Richard W.J. (Ed) 2007
9781433832116 Adverse and Protective Childhood Experiences Hays-Grudo, Jennifer; Morris, Amanda S
  Advertising and its mental laws. Adams, Henry Foster 1916
  Advertising and the soul's belly: Repetition and memory in advertising. Wood, James Playsted 1961
  Advertising psychology and research: An introductory book. Lucas, Darrell Blaine; Britt, Steuart Henderson 1950
  Advice to a wife on the management of her own health and on the treatment of some of the complaints incidental to pregnancy, labour, and suckling, with an introductory chapter especially addressed to a young wife. Chavasse, Pye Henry 1878
  Aestethics; or, The science of beauty. Bascom, John 1862
  Æsthetic attitude, The. Langfeld, Herbert Sydney 1920
  Aesthetic sentiment: A criticism and an original excursion, The. Lundholm, Helge 1941
0-8261-0541-6 Affect, imagery, consciousness, Vol. 1: The positive affects. Tomkins, Silvan S. 1962
1-4338-2300-4 Affirmative Counseling and Psychological Practice With Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Clients Singh, Anneliese (Ed); dickey, lore (Ed) 2017
  After death—what? Spiritistic phenomena and their interpretation. Lombroso, Cesare; Kennedy, William Sloane (Trans) 1909
1-55798-424-7 After the crash: Assessment and treatment of motor vehicle accident survivors. Blanchard, Edward B.; Hickling, Edward J. 1997
1-59147-070-6 After the crash: Psychological assessment and treatment of survivors of motor vehicle accidents (2nd ed.). Blanchard, Edward B.; Hickling, Edward J. 2004
  Aftereffects of brain injuries in war: Their evaluation and treatment: The application of psychologic methods in the clinic. Goldstein, Kurt 1942
1-55798-190-6 Aggression and violence: Social interactionist perspectives. Felson, Richard B. (Ed); Tedeschi, James T. (Ed) 1993
  Aggressiveness in children: Is your child too aggressive - or not aggressive enough? What makes him behave as he does? What can you do about it? Atkin, Edith Lesser; Kramer, Joan (Illus); Rosen, Judith J. (Illus) 1950
1-4338-0454-9 Aging and cognition: Research methodologies and empirical advances. Bosworth, Hayden B. (Ed); Hertzog, Christopher (Ed) 2009
9781433830532 Aging Brain, The. Samanez-Larkin, Gregory R
0-912704-15-2 Aging in the 1980s: Psychological issues. Poon, Leonard W. (Ed) 1980
1-59147-319-5 Aging workforce: Realities, myths, and implications for organizations, The. Hedge, Jerry W.; Borman, Walter C.; Lammlein, Steven E. 2006
  Aids to reflection in the formation of a manly character, on the several grounds of prudence, morality, and religion. Coleridge, S. T. 1829
  Air war and emotional stress: Psychological studies of bombing and civilian defense. Janis, Irving L. 1951
  Alcohol and caffeine: A study of their psychological effects. Nash, Harvey 1962
  Alcohol and human efficiency: Experiments with moderate quantities and dilute solutions of ethyl alcohol on human subjects. Miles, Walter R. 1924
1-4338-1244-4 Alcohol and Illicit Drug Use in the Workforce and in the Workplace Frone, Michael 2013
1-55798-993-1 Alterations of consciousness: An empirical analysis for social scientists. Baruss, Imants 2003
  Alterations of personality. Binet, Alfred; Baldwin, Helen Green (Trans) 1903
  America's psychologists: A survey of a growing profession. Clark, Kenneth E. 1957
  American college: A psychological and social interpretation of the higher learning, The. Sanford, Nevitt (Ed) 1962
  American comments on European questions, international and religious. Thompson, Joseph P. 1884
  American high school today: A first report to interested citizens, The. Conant, James Bryant 1959
  American nervousness: Its causes and consequences. Beard, George M. 1881
  American problems: From the point of view of a psychologist. Munsterberg, Hugo 1910
1-55798-136-1 American Psychological Association: A historical perspective, The. Evans, Rand B. (Ed); Sexton, Virginia Staudt (Ed); Cadwallader, Thomas C. (Ed) 1992
0-912704-05-5 American psychology in historical perspective. Hilgard, Ernest R. (Ed) 1978
  American social psychology: Its origins, development, and European background. Karpf, Fay Berger 1932
  Americans, The. Münsterberg, Hugo; Holt, Edwin B. (Trans) 1904
1-55798-223-6 Amidst peril and pain: The mental health and well-being of the world's refugees. Marsella, Anthony J. (Ed); Bornemann, Thomas (Ed); Ekblad, Solvig (Ed); Orley, John (Ed) 1994
  Analogy of divine wisdom, in the material, sensitive, moral, civil and spiritual system of things, in eight parts, The. Barton, Richard 1750
  Analogy of religion natural and revealed, to the constitution and course of nature; To which are added two brief dissertations: I. Of personal identity, II. Of the nature of virtue (6th ed.), The. Butler, Joseph 1771
  Analogy of religion to the constitution and course of nature, to which are added two brief dissertations: I. On personal identity, II. On the nature of virtue (3rd ed.), The. Butler, Joseph 1860
  Analogy of religion, natural and revealed, to the constitution and course of nature, The. Butler, Joseph 1878
  Analysis of racial descent in animals, The. Montgomery, Thos. H., Jr. 1906
  Analysis of the phenomena of the human mind, in two volumes, Vol I. Mill, James 1829
  Analysis of the phenomena of the human mind, in two volumes, Vol II. Mill, James 1829
  Analysis of the phenomena of the human mind, Vol 1 (new ed. with notes illustrative and critical). Mill, James; Mill, John Stuart (Ed) 1869
  Analysis of the phenomena of the human mind, Vol. 2 (new ed.). Mill, James; Mill, John Stuart (Ed) 1869
  Analysis of the sexual impulse, love and pain, the sexual impulse in women (2nd ed. rev. and enlarged). Ellis, Havelock 1913 (Reprinted 1925)
  Analytic interest psychology and synthetic philosophy. Engle, J[ohn] S[ummerfield] 1904
  Analytic psychology (Vol 1, 4th ed.). Stout, G. F. 1918
  Analytic psychology, in two volumes, Vol II. Stout, G. F. 1896
  Analytic psychology, Vol 1. Stout, G. F. 1896
  Analytic psychology, Vol 2 (4th ed.). Stout, G. F. 1918
  Analytical psychology. Jung, C. G.; Long, Constance E. (Ed) 1916
  Analytical psychology: A practical manual for colleges and normal schools--Presenting the facts and principles of mental analysis in the form of simple illustrations and experiments. Witmer, Lightner 1902
  Analyzing character: The new science of judging men; misfits in business, the home, and social life (8th ed.). Blackford, Katherine M. H.; Newcomb, Arthur 1916
  Analyzing psychotherapy. Katzenelbogen, Solomon 1958
  Anatomy and philosophy of expression, as connected with the fine arts (4th ed.), The. Bell, Charles 1847
  Anatomy and physiology in character: An inquiry into the anatomical conformation and the physiology of some of its varieties; with a chapter on physiology in human affairs--in education, vocation, morals, and progress. Jordan, Furneaux 1886
1-55798-980-X Anatomy of impact: What makes the great works of psychology great, The. Sternberg, Robert J. (Ed) 2003
  Anatomy of melancholy, what it is, with all the kinds, causes, symptomes, prognostics, and several cures of it, The. Junior, Democritus No Year Specified (Reprinted 1838)
  Anatomy of melancholy, what it is, with all the kinds, causes, symptoms, prognostics, and several cures of it, Vol 2 (new ed. corrected and enriched), The. Burton, Robert; Junior, Democritus 1632
  Anatomy of melancholy: What it is with all the kinds, causes, symptomes, prognostickes & severall cures of it (4th ed.), The. Junior, Democritus 1632
  Anatomy of personality, The. Adams, Donald K. 1954
  Anatomy of revolution, The. Brinton, Crane 1938
  Anger: Its religious and moral significance. Stratton, George Malcolm 1923
  Animal behavior: Its normal and abnormal development. Krushinskii, L. V.; Haigh, Basil 1961
  Animal behaviour. Morgan, C. Lloyd 1900
  Animal intelligence. Romanes, George J. 1912
  Animal intelligence: An experimental study of the associative processes in animals. Thorndike, Edward L. 1898
  Animal life and intelligence. Morgan, C. Lloyd 1891
  Animal magnetism. Binet, Alfred; Féré, Charles 1890
  Animal mind: A text-book of comparative psychology (3rd ed.), The. Washburn, Margaret Floy 1926
  Animal mind: A text-book of comparative psychology, 4th ed, The. Washburn, Margaret Floy 1936
  Animal mind: A text-book of comparative psychology, second edition, The. Washburn, Margaret Floy 1917
  Animal mind: A text-book of comparative psychology, The. Washburn, Margaret Floy 1913
1-55798-583-9 Animal models of human emotion and cognition. Haug, Marc (Ed); Whalen, Richard E. (Ed) 1999
  Animal physiology (rev.ed.). Carpenter, William B. 1859
1-55798-788-2 Animal research and human health: Advancing human welfare through behavioral science. Carroll, Marilyn E. (Ed); Overmier, J. Bruce (Ed) 2001
1-55798-339-9 Answering your questions about AIDS. Kalichman, Seth C. 1996
  Anthropological treatises of Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, The. Blumenbach, Johann Friedrich; Bendyshe, Thomas(Trans) 1865
  Anthropology: An introduction to the study of man and civilization. Tylor, Edward B. 1896
  Anthropometry and physical examination: A book for practical use in connection with gymnastic work and physical education. Seaver, Jay W. 1909
  Anthropometry. Hrdlicka, Aleš 1920
1-55798-897-8 Antisocial behavior in children and adolescents: A developmental analysis and model for intervention. Reid, John B. (Ed); Patterson, Gerald R. (Ed); Snyder, James (Ed) 2002
  Ants, bees, and wasps: A record of observations on the habits of the social hymenoptera (14th ed. rev.). Lubbock, John 1898
  Ants, bees, wasps: A record of observations on the habits of the social hymenoptera. Lubbock, John 1900
1-4338-0900-1 Anxiety in childbearing women: Diagnosis and treatment Wenzel, Amy 2011
  Anxiety in elementary school children: A report of research. Sarason, Seymour B.; Davidson, Kenneth S.; Lighthall, Frederick F.; Waite, Richard R.; Ruebush, Britton K. 1960
  Anxiety. Hoch, Paul H. (Ed); Zubin, Joseph (Ed) 1950
1-4338-1104-9 APA Addiction Syndrome Handbook, Vol. 1: Foundations, Influences, and Expressions of Addiction 2012
1-4338-1105-7 APA Addiction Syndrome Handbook, Vol. 2: Recovery, Prevention, and Other Issues Shaffer, Howard (Ed) 2012
1-4338-0997-4 APA Educational psychology handbook, Vol 1: Theories, constructs, and critical issues Harris, Karen R. (Ed); Graham, Steve (Ed); Urdan, Tim (Ed) 2012
1-4338-0998-2 APA educational psychology handbook, Vol 2: Individual differences and cultural and contextual factors Harris, Karen R. (Ed); Graham, Steve (Ed); Urdan, Tim (Ed) 2012
1-4338-0999-0 APA educational psychology handbook, Vol 3: Application to teaching and learning Harris, Karen R. (Ed); Graham, Steve (Ed); Urdan, Tim (Ed) 2012
1-4338-1112-X APA Handbook of Behavior Analysis, Vol. 1: Methods and Principles 2013
1-4338-1113-8 APA Handbook of Behavior Analysis, Vol. 2: Translating Principles Into Practice 2013
1-4338-1755-1 APA Handbook of Career Intervention, Volume 1: Foundations 2015
1-4338-1756-X APA Handbook of Career Intervention, Volume 2: Applications
1-4338-1805-1 APA Handbook of Clinical Geropsychology, Volume 1: History and Status of the Field and Perspectives on Aging 2015
1-4338-1806-X APA Handbook of Clinical Geropsychology, Volume 2: Assessment, Treatment, and Issues of Later Life 2015
1433821311 APA Handbook of Clinical Psychology, Volume 1: Roots and Branches 2016
143382132X APA Handbook of Clinical Psychology, Volume 2: Theory and Research 2016
1-4338-2133-8 APA Handbook of Clinical Psychology, Volume 3: Applications and Methods: Applications and Methods 2016
1-4338-2134-6 APA Handbook of Clinical Psychology, Volume 4: Psychopathology and Health 2016
1433821354 APA Handbook of Clinical Psychology, Volume 5: Education and Profession 2016
1-4338-2259-8 APA Handbook of Community Psychology, Volume 1: Theoretical Foundations, Core Concepts, and Emerging Challenges 2017
1-4338-2260-1 APA Handbook of Community Psychology, Volume 2: Methods for Community Research and Action for Diverse Groups and Issues 2017
1433823500 Apa handbook of comparative psychology, volume 1: Basic concepts, methods, neural substrate, and behavior Call, Josep
1433823527 Apa handbook of comparative psychology, volume 2: Perception, learning, and cognition Call, Josep
9781433829659 APA Handbook of Contemporary Family Psychology, Volume 1
9781433829673 APA Handbook of Contemporary Family Psychology, Volume 2
9781433829697 APA Handbook of Contemporary Family Psychology, Volume 3
1-4338-1108-1 APA Handbook of Counseling Psychology, Vol. 1: Theories, Research, and Methods 2012
1-4338-1109-X APA Handbook of Counseling Psychology, Vol. 2: Practice, Interventions, and Applications 2012
1-4338-1001-8 APA handbook of ethics in psychology, Vol 1: Moral foundations and common themes Knapp, Samuel J. (Ed) 2012
1-4338-1002-6 APA Handbook of ethics in psychology, Vol 2: Practice, teaching, and research Knapp, Samuel J. (Ed) 2012
1433826941 Apa handbook of forensic neuropsychology Bush, Shane S;Demakis, George J;Rohling, Martin L
1-4338-1794-2 APA Handbook of Forensic Psychology, Volume 1: Individual and Situational Influences in Criminal and Civil Contexts 2015
1-4338-1795-0 APA Handbook of Forensic Psychology, Volume 2: Criminal Investigation, Adjudication, and Sentencing Outcomes 2015
1433826968 Apa handbook of giftedness and talent Pfeiffer, Steven I;Nicpon, Megan F;Shaunessy-Dedrick, Elizabeth
1-4338-1828-0 APA Handbook of Human Systems Integration 2015
1-4338-0727-0 APA handbook of industrial and organizational psychology, Vol 1: Building and developing the organization Zedeck, Sheldon (Ed) 2011
1-4338-0727-0 APA handbook of industrial and organizational psychology, Vol 2: Selecting and developing members for the organization Zedeck, Sheldon (Ed) 2011
1-4338-0727-0 APA handbook of industrial and organizational psychology, Vol 3: Maintaining, expanding, and contracting the organization Zedeck, Sheldon (Ed) 2011
1-4338-1855-8 APA Handbook of Men and Masculinities 2015
1-4338-1256-8 APA Handbook of Multicultural Psychology, Vol. 1: Theory and Research 2013
1-4338-1257-6 APA Handbook of Multicultural Pyschology, Vol. 2: Applications and Training 2013
1-4338-1969-4 APA Handbook of Nonverbal Communication 2016
1-4338-1701-2 APA Handbook of Personality and Social Psychology, Volume 1: Attitudes and Social Cognition
1-4338-1702-0 APA Handbook of Personality and Social Psychology, Volume 2: Group Processes
1-4338-1703-9 APA Handbook of Personality and Social Psychology, Volume 3: Interpersonal Relations
1-4338-1704-7 APA Handbook of Personality and Social Psychology, Volume 4: Personality Processes and Individual Differences 2014
1-4338-1967-8 APA Handbook of Psychology and Juvenile Justice 2016
1-4338-1079-4 APA Handbook of Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality: Vol. 1: Context, Theory, and Research 2013
1-43381080-8 APA Handbook of Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality: Vol. 2: An Applied Psychology of Religion and Spirituality 2013
9781433828348 APA Handbook of Psychopathology, Volume 1 Butcher, James N; Hooley, Jill M
9781433828355 APA Handbook of Psychopathology, Volume 2 Butcher, James N; Kendall, Philip C
1-4338-1004-2 APA Handbook of Research Methods in Psychology, Volume 1: Foundations, Planning, Measures, and Psychometrics 2012
1-4338-1005-0 APA Handbook of Research Methods in Psychology, Volume 2: Research Designs: Quantitative, Qualitative, Neuropsychological, and Biological 2012
1-4338-1006-9 APA Handbook of Research Methods in Psychology, Volume 3: Data Analysis and Research Publication 2012
1-4338-1371-8 APA Handbook of Sexuality and Psychology, Vol. 1: Person-Based Approaches 2014
1-4338-1372-6 APA Handbook of Sexuality and Psychology, Vol. 2: Contextual Approaches 2014
9781433830402 APA Handbook of Sport and Exercise Psychology: Volume 1 Anshel, Mark H; Petrie, Trent A; Steinfeldt, Jesse A
9781433830419 APA Handbook of Sport and Exercise Psychology: Volume 2 Anshel, Mark H; Petruzzello, Steven J; Labbé, Elise E
1-4338-1229-0 APA Handbook of Testing and Assessment in Psychology, Vol. 1: Test Theory and Testing and Assessment in Industrial and Organizational Psychology 2013
1-4338-1230-4 APA Handbook of Testing and Assessment in Psychology, Vol. 2: Testing and Assessment in Clinical and Counseling Psychology 2013
1-4338-1231-2 APA Handbook of Testing and Assessment in Psychology, Vol. 3 : Testing and Assessment in School Psychology and Education 2013
9781433828003 APA handbook of the psychology of women: History, theory, and battlegrounds Travis, Cheryl B; White, Jacquelyn W.; Rutherford, Alexandra; Williams, Wendi S.; Cook, Sarah L.; Wyche, Karen Fraser
9781433828010 APA handbook of the psychology of women: Perspectives on women's private and public lives Travis, Cheryl B; White, Jacquelyn W.; Rutherford, Alexandra; Williams, Wendi S.; Cook, Sarah L.; Wyche, Karen Fraser
1433826550 Apa handbook of trauma psychology: Volume 1: Foundations in knowledge Gold, Steven N
1433826577 Apa handbook of trauma psychology: Volume 2: Trauma practice Gold, Steven N
  Apparitions and thought-transference: An examination of the evidence for telepathy. Podmore, Frank 1894
  Appearance and reality: a metaphysical essay. Bradley, F. H. 1893
  Apperception: A monograph on psychology and pedagogy. Lange, Karl; De Garmo, Charles (Ed) 1894
  Application of psychoanalysis to education, An. Jones, Richard M. 1960
  Application of psychology to the science of education, The. Herbart, Johann Friedrich; Mulliner, Beatrice C.(Trans) 1898
  Applications of psychology. Moss, Fred A. 1929
  Applied experimental psychology: Human factors in engineering design. Chapanis, Alphonse; Garner, Wendell R.; Morgan, Clifford T. 1949
  Applied general statistics. Croxton, Frederick E.; Cowden, Dudley J. 1939
  Applied psychoanalysis: Selected objectives of psychotherapy. Deutsch, Felix 1949
  Applied psychology of reading: With exercises and directions for improving silent and oral reading, The. Brooks, Fowler D. 1926
  Applied psychology. Ewer, Bernard C. 1925
  Applied psychology. Hollingworth, H. L.; Poffenberger, A. T. 1920 (Reprinted 1923)
  Applied psychology. Burtt, Harold Ernest 1948
  Applied psychology: Technique of success. 1914
  Approach to the social question: An introduction to the study of social ethics, The. Peabody, Francis Greenwood 1909
  Approaches to personality: Some contemporary conceptions used in psychology and psychiatry. Murphy, Gardner; Jensen, Friedrich 1932
  Aptitude testing. Hull, Clark L. 1928
  Arctic boat journey, in the autumn of 1854 (new ed., enlarged and illustrated), An. Hayes, Isaac I. 1867
  Arctic researches and life among the esquimaux: Being the narrative of an expedition in search of Sir John Franklin, in the years 1860, 1861, and 1862. Hall, Charles Francis 1865
  Aristotle's history of animals in ten books. Aristotle; Creswell, Richard (Trans) 1902
  Army Mental Tests. Yoakum, Clarence S. (Ed); Yerkes, Robert M. (Ed) 1920
  Art and play therapy. Gondor, Emery I. 1954
1433826984 Art and science of mindfulness: Integrating mindfulness into psychology and the helping professions Shapiro, Shauna L;Carlson, Linda E
1-4338-0465-4 Art and science of mindfulness: Integrating mindfulness into psychology and the helping professions, The. Shapiro, Shauna L.; Carlson, Linda E. 2009
  Art and science of nature's healing: Scientific treatment for all diseases without the use of poisonous drugs. Kolb, Geo. C. 1894
  Art of practical thinking: An informal discussion for the intelligent layman, with examples taken mainly from the field of business, The. Weil Jr., Richard 1940
  Art therapy in a children's community: A study of the function of art therapy in the treatment program of Wiltwyck School for Boys. Kramer, Edith 1958
  Arthur adaptation of the Leiter International Performance Scale, The. Arthur, Grace 1952
  Ascent of man, The. Drummond, Henry 1894
1-55798-902-8 Asian American psychology: The science of lives in context. Nagayama Hall, Gordon C. (Ed); Okazaki, Sumie (Ed) 2002
0-89766-867-7 Aspects of the history of psychology in America: 1892 - 1992. Adler, Helmut E. (Ed); Rieber, Robert W. (Ed) 1995
0-615-13416-5 Assessing and managing risk in psychological practice: An individualized approach. Bennett, Bruce E.; Bricklin, Patricia M.; Harris, Eric; Knapp, Samuel; VandeCreek, Leon; Younggren, Jeffrey N. 2006
1-4338-1565-6 Assessing Bilingual Children in Context: An Integrated Approach Clinton, Amanda (Ed) 2014
9781433831546 Assessing Capacities of Older Adults Moye, Jennifer
1-59147-924-X Assessing Hispanic clients using the MMPI-2 and MMPI-A. Butcher, James N.; Cabiya, Jose; Lucio, Emilia; Garrido, Maria 2007
1-55798-874-9 Assessing individuals with disabilities in educational, employment, and counseling settings. Ekstrom, Ruth B. (Ed); Smith, Douglas K. (Ed) 2002
1-4338-1057-3 Assessing the implicit personality through conditional reasoning 2012
9781433831102 Assessment and Treatment of Older Adults Hinrichsen, Gregory A
1-55798-900-1 Assessment of family violence: A handbook for researchers and practitioners. Feindler, Eva L.; Rathus, Jill H.; Silver, Laura Beth 2003
  Assessment of men: Selection of personnel for the Office of Strategic Services. OSS Assessment Staff, Washington, DC, US 1948
1-59147-005-6 Assessment of partner violence: A handbook for researchers and practitioners. Rathus, Jill H.; Feindler, Eva L. 2004
9781433828072 Assessment Using the MMPI–2–RF McCord, David M
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